Lazy Sunday 

Lately I haven’t been feeling inspired, maybe it’s this annoying weather I don’t know. But last week Chris and I did a mini shoot with our growing record collection!  Hope this inspires you to jam out in a robe and collect some new music. Xoxo  Record player – Bed Bath & Beyond  Records-thrift stores Mug-Continue reading “Lazy Sunday “

New Trend Alert: Satin

Recently I’ve noticed there has been a huge trend for satin and silk looks! Every store seems to be filled with tops, dresses and even bottoms. I love following trends but I don’t like breaking the bank as you all know. So, I checked out Forever 21 to see if they were keeping up with theContinue reading “New Trend Alert: Satin”

New York State Of Mind OOTD

Hello, my favorite internet people! Today I decided to do a fashion post! Which is rare because to me I dress pretty simply, but I had a great backdrop for some photos and I decided: why not? Location: Soho New York City Top: American Eagle Jacket: Marshalls Jeans: New york and Company Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Shoes:Continue reading “New York State Of Mind OOTD”


I know I haven’t posted in forever and that’s mainly because the holidays kill me plus I went through a phase where I had no idea what to post. But since its about to be 2017 and I’m going to be a typical basic girl and say new year new me and I will postContinue reading “IM BACK WITH A VLOG”

Why I Ended My Makeup Career

Why I ended my makeup career. Ever since I was in Middle School, I always wanted a career in the beauty industry. I was the first one in my 6th grade class to come in with sliver glitter eyeshadow and eyeliner, HA! It wasn’t cute, but I loved it. When I got to High SchoolContinue reading “Why I Ended My Makeup Career”

Kylie Lip Kit Haul

I fell right into the hype and waited for Kylie to post the next time she was re-stocking her very popular lip kits!   I was able to get three of them and one of her new colors! One of the things I love is the packaging, everything is really cute. Each package comes withContinue reading “Kylie Lip Kit Haul”

Must Have Skin Care For Tropical Vaca

Next month a couple of friends and I are going to the BAHAMAS! For 5 long, beautiful days! I can’t wait to say the least. So, I thought I’d put together some kind of must-have skin care routine for when I go away somewhere tropical.  When I travel to beachy and tropical places I like toContinue reading “Must Have Skin Care For Tropical Vaca”