Lazy Sunday 

Lately I haven’t been feeling inspired, maybe it’s this annoying weather I don’t know. But last week Chris and I did a mini shoot with our growing record collection!  Hope this inspires you to jam out in a robe and collect some new music. Xoxo  Record player – Bed Bath & Beyond  Records-thrift stores Mug-Continue reading “Lazy Sunday “


I know I haven’t posted in forever and that’s mainly because the holidays kill me plus I went through a phase where I had no idea what to post. But since its about to be 2017 and I’m going to be a typical basic girl and say new year new me and I will postContinue reading “IM BACK WITH A VLOG”

Himself and Nora Review

Last weekend my boyfriend and I went to an off-Broadway musical called “Himself and Nora.” It was at the Minetta Lane Theatre in New York City. The musical was about Irish-born writer James Joyce and his wife/muse Nora. It went through the events of their life together, the struggles of his writing getting published, as wellContinue reading “Himself and Nora Review”