Himself and Nora Review

IMG_8413Last weekend my boyfriend and I went to an off-Broadway musical called “Himself and Nora.”

It was at the Minetta Lane Theatre in New York City.

The musical was about Irish-born writer James Joyce and his wife/muse Nora. It went through the events of their life together, the struggles of his writing getting published, as well as Nora staying with him through it all. Joyce was known for works such as “Dubliners”, “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” and his famous “Ulysses.” The musical shows how he left his home of Ireland to write, but how his love of the country never left him. As well as the guilt that came along with his Catholic upbringing.


The performances by Matt Bogart (James) and Whitney Bashor (Nora) were amazing! The production was beautiful, everything went together so well and the whole crew seemed really talented.

When I was watching the musical I could really understand the feelings of the characters, most importantly Nora. As the story went on and their relationship developed, you could see how much Joyce depended on her. Even if he didn’t always show it. IMG_8412My favorite thing about every musical I see is always the songs and soundtrack! I’ve always had a love for seeing musicals, when I have the chance, seeing them in New York City is always a great experience. I didn’t get to see many when I was younger so I stuck to all the musical movies that I could find, and would watch them over and over until I knew every song! Haha!

Now being older and saving money, to see musicals live definitely makes it hard to go back to that. It’s just something about seeing the performance happen right in front of you that’s so great and memorable, it really sticks with you.

So if you ever get a chance to see any Broadway or off-Broadway show take that opportunity! If romance and literature are some of your interests, go see Himself and Nora!


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