Hi guys! My name is Brittany, I’m 25 years old and currently living in the suburbs of New York. I’m a licensed esthetician and I was a make up artist for many years. But, when I randomly stumbled upon becoming a nanny for two little children, I found my love for early childIMG_7014hood education and became a full-time nanny. For over 4 years now!

I’ve always found myself having a love for many different things such as books, fashion, beauty, childcare, crafts and lifestyle in general. So I found myself wanting to start a blog about my life and have a voice and express my creative ideas. Also, just talk about everyday challenges that we all have to go through.

I am always trying to find a way to be happier, live better and enjoy being on earth. So, join me as I try to figure out this thing called life, as we all are just basically living.

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