I‚Äôm on a boat OOTD ( couple edition)

Recently, I went on a yacht around NYC for a friend’s birthday! It was really great! It was a beautiful sunny day and we got to see the Statue of Liberty ūüóŬ† and of course, take as many selfies as we wanted!

I noticed when I was getting ready I really had no idea what I would wear to something like this in the middle of summer.

I wanted to wear something light that also covered me from the sun.

I went with theses pants from Forever 21. From a distance, they look like a maxi skirt but really they were loose fitting pants with a slit up the side and a pair of shorts underneath for extra coverage.

For the top, I just went simple with a blank tank top from Primark (which you can never go wrong with).

Finally, I paired this outfit with some nude sandals from Kohl‚Äôs and a hat from¬†H&M and of course some sunglasses ūüē∂!

The hat didn’t last very long because it was so windy I was scared that it would fly away!

Chris was also having trouble trying to figure out what to wear on a yacht. He wore a bright white men’s dress shirt by Michael Kors with plaid shorts from American Eagle. And since we were going on a yacht, he said, “I can’t NOT wear these shoes..” His slip-on leather Steve Madden dress sneakers.

But, he’s not that fancy, those are fake Ray Bans he got on the beach in Mexico for $10…

What would you wear to a boat party?

Leave it in the comments below!



What To Do In Cancun Mexico!

I just got back from my 5 day trip with my friends in Cancun, Mexico and I wanted to share some of my experiences and activities I did there.

Resort: The Oasis Palm

Pros: This is an all inclusive resort so that means food and drinks are included, which is great because going away and buying 3 meals a day can really add up.  There were 2 pools and they also had a great kid section if you travel with kids. The resort was right on the beach so all you had to do was grab a towel and jump right in!

Cons:¬†Some things I didn’t like about this resort was little things were extra money. For example, the safe in your room and also the sodas in the mini refrigerator. They had a gift shop in the resort which was pretty pricey if you needed to buy extra sunscreen, meds, etc.


Activities: Beach 

Pros: The first and probably most popular thing to do in Cancun is to enjoy the beaches! The sand is white and the water is clear and blue what else could you ask for?! So get yourself a drink and lay out and enjoy the sun.



Sailing: Isla Mujeres Luxury Sailing

Pros: My favorite thing we did on this trip took a boat to the island Isla Mujeres. We got to snorkel in the middle of the ocean before getting to the island. We saw the most beautiful tropical fish and also an underwater museum! ¬†After that, we were given lunch and drinks on the boat before docking and exploring the island. We were given 2 1/2 hours to do our own thing on the island, we rented golf carts and motorbikes and set off to see what this island had to offer. The island was filled with shops, people and street art. After that, we went back on our boat for some swimming, paddle boarding and drinks. On our way back to dock we got to witness the most beautiful sunset I’ve¬†ever seen so if you do this make sure you get the later time because¬†you won’t regret it!

Cons: It seems like a lot of tourists go here so things can be a little pricey if you want to buy some things at the shops but you can definitely haggle to get a lower price.


Water Park: XEl-HA

Pros: We took an hour and a half car ride to Xel-Há in Riviera Maya to experience a natural water park. They offer so many activities for everyone to do. We snorkeled, swam in caves, cliff jumped and even enjoyed floating around in a lazy river. The food and drinks are also included at this park as well!

Cons:  Its a lot of walking! After lunch, my friends and I had to rest because our feet were hurting from not having water shoes and walking for so long. But they do have hammocks where you can lay out and maybe even take a nap!


Overall I had a great time in Mexico¬†and really enjoyed seeing a new exciting place ‚̧

Essential Ingredients For A Killer Date Night!


Step One: A cute town!

Chris and I love finding new little towns to walk around and take pictures. On this day we went to Tarrytown. They have so many cute shops and places to eat.fullsizeoutput_106bfullsizeoutput_106efullsizeoutput_1076fullsizeoutput_1078

Step 2: FOOD!

Trying a new place to eat is always fun and an easy way to enjoy the nice weather.

We deicided to try Sweetgrass Grill which had vegan options as well!


We started with Italian Bread and a White Bean Dip with olive oil and garlic.fullsizeoutput_1081

 For an appetizer, we had the Housemade Hummus
Grilled flatbread, za’atar, fried chickpeas. It was so good, probably my favorite out of everything we ordered!


For dinner I had the  Mushroom Melt
grilled portabella, cheddar cheese, caramelized onion, roasted red pepper, sundried tomato!
Chris had the  Sweet Grass-Fed Burger
grilled grass-fed black angus beef, brioche and he added Bacon and Cheddar.


Quick Outfit post:

When I’m lost and I have no idea what to wear I always go with all black and cute shoes. It’s super fast and simple and you can always add a bright lipstick, bag¬†or even shoe to add something to the outfit to make it pop!


Step 3: SWEETS ‚̧

The last step to this date was ice cream because how do you go out in nice weather and not have one!! fullsizeoutput_1090fullsizeoutput_1091

What is your favorite kind of date?


Sur La Table Cooking Class With The BF


Chris has always loved cooking so when it came to picking out a gift for him I thought taking a cooking class would be super fun.

I booked this class online at Sur La Table in the Ridge Hill shopping center. The class was about 2 hours and 30 mins long, which flies by once you start chopping away.

fullsizeoutput_1045fullsizeoutput_1051fullsizeoutput_104cfullsizeoutput_1048The first thing on our menu was

  • Tuna and Avocado Ceviche with Plantain Chips


Next was:

  • Roasted Corn Salad with Chile, Lime, and Cotija Cheese (which was my favorite!)

IMG_8788fullsizeoutput_1055fullsizeoutput_1059The main dish:

  • Char-Grilled Steak with Chimichurri Sauce

fullsizeoutput_1057 Last was the dessert:

  • Mayan-Spiced Chocolate Pudding With Whipped Cream


Our Teacher Jessica Woodford was filled with information and eager to help us and she also made it fun, light and funny.

At the end of the class, your group (groups of 4) gets to eat everything you just made, which is probably the best part of the whole thing!

The whole experience was so fun, you get to meet new people and learn hands-on from a chef. Most importantly, you get to bond with whoever you go with. Chris and I had a great time laughing and working together to make a great meal. We’re already looking forward to more classes, maybe baking but that might be a disaster, haha!

Have you ever been to a cooking class?? What did you make?


My Favorite Places To Eat In NYC During Spring!

Chris and I took a little trip to NYC to get some tasty treats and have a little date and I wanted to share it with you guys!

We stopped at Taiyaki first to get this adorable and delicious ice cream!



119 Baxter St
New York, NY 10013

b/t Canal St & Hester St
Little Italy, Chinatown


I got The classic which is vanilla, custard filling, strawberries, wafer, and chocolate¬†drizzle because I’m basic hah. It was amazing, I think the best part is the wafer. It looks hard but its actually¬†soft more like a pastry and man was it good!


Chris was more adventurous and got Straight Outta Japan which is matcha sesame swirl, red bean filling, machi and a wafer!


After ice cream, we walked around Soho and took some photos for my New York State Of Mind OOTD. When that was done we wanted to get some pizza like every New Yorker, hah!

Went to one of our favorite places, Artichoke Pizza!

Location: 114 10th Avenue
New York, NY

We ordered 6 slices and shared them. The waiter thought it was way too much food, but we proved him wrong by only leaving crust at the end!

Slices we had:

Artichoke ‚Äď Spinach & cream sauce, artichoke hearts, mozzarella & pecorino romano cheese

Margherita ‚Äď Plum tomato sauce, olive oil, fresh basil & a blend of Italian cheeses

Vodka (Sicilian Style) ‚Äď Vodka cream & tomato sauce, a blend of Italian cheeses (my FAV)

Meatball Parm ‚Äď Homemade meatballs, mozzarella & reggiano cheese, cooked tomato sauce

Crab ‚Äď Lobster Sauce, surimi crab meat & fresh mozzarella

White ‚Äď Ricotta, fresh mozzarella, pecorino romano & reggiano cheese


What’s your favorite place to get pizza or ice cream? Comment and me know! ‚̧

Brooklyn Bookstore Crawl

Last Saturday (April 30th) I went to a bookstore crawl in Brookyln! It was the first one in Brooklyn and my nerdy self was pretty excited to go. All you had to do was go around to different bookstores that were contributing and take a picture of whatever the task said, then post it to social media in hopes to win one of the many prizes. I was all about that. Free books plus shopping around Brooklyn?! Sign me up! DSC_0026

My boyfriend, some friends and I woke up early (meeting up at 9:30am, yes thats early to me. Haha!) and made our way down to Brookyln to get started.

The first stop we made was at Spoonbill & Sugartown Books


The first¬†task was to take a picture of book that had a cover with a bird on it. I found one pretty quick and posted it to Instagram. I didn’t even realize the title until after…a little dark don’t you think??¬†DSC_0002

Next stop,¬†Desert Island which was a super cool comic book store. If you like dark stories and great art this is definitely a place to check it. The vibe overall is super cool. Our task was to find the free comic publication “Smoke Signal”IMG_7927


“ummm can I cover my door with stickers now?!? I feel SO Tumblr” Haha!!DSC_0011DSC_0014

After walking more for some time, we got to the third place we wanted to visit which was the Brooklyn Art Library. DSC_0015

This place is so different! I was not expecting to walk into a library filled with sketchpads and sketchbooks from all around the world. Each pad is different and can be about anything and everything. I chose to look at a random one because I couldn’t wait to see what this was really all about. For the task we had to find a pad by a Brooklyn-based artist, and it did not disappoint.IMG_7928



For the fourth bookstore, we then headed back to our parked car and drove over to Park Slope from the Williamsburg area. We ended up at Mama Says Comics Rock, a brand new comic shop on Court Street in Brooklyn.DSC_0033



The task for this place was to take a selfie with a Stormtrooper, or any other cut-out in the store. I chose my boo, Batman!IMG_7939


Although the selfie was a nice idea, overall I did not find this place as interesting as the others. Personally, something like a huge library filled with sketchbooks of artists from around the world is more appealing to me than a comic book store. Not that I have anything against people who like comic books (I myself like super heroes) I am just not a big reader of comics themselves.

For the fifth and final stop, we trekked all the way from Court Street to the water near Governor’s Island to reach¬†Freebird Books.DSC_0034


Out of all the places we visited, this place was definitely the most cozy. It was very cute, and tiny which I really liked. ¬†The task for this place was to take a picture of a book off of their “Bad Title Shelf.”IMG_7942


I thought it was pretty cool how all the books were organized throughout the store. The categories were really cool. “Bad Titles”, “First Editions”, “Women’s Rights” and many others. For those of you who like small unique little book shops, this is the place for you!

Overall, the entire day was fun! It was nice to do something different like this. The best part about all of this was experiencing new places that I would have never known about! Since I am not from Brooklyn, I am only there every once in a while, so the fact that I have new places to look forward to is really great. The crawl was a blast, and I intend on doing it again next year.

Basically, I am thankful that my love of books and reading (and nerdy attributes) lead me to an amazing experience!DSC_0044