Must Have Skin Care For Tropical Vaca

skin care (dragged) 1

Next month a couple of friends and I are going to the BAHAMAS! For 5 long, beautiful days! I can’t wait to say the least. So, I thought I’d put together some kind of must-have skin care routine for when I go away somewhere tropical. skin care (dragged)

When I travel to beachy and tropical places I like to stay light with the make up most of the time, because all I care about is tanning, swimming and drinking on the beach. So who has time for all the beat the face nonsense?!

I love using a tinted moisturizer just for little something. One of the ones I use is Urban Decay.

My next go-to item is WATERPROOF mascara, because swimming and black mascara running down your face just isn’t cute. L’Oreal

Last, I like to pack just some neutral and shimmer eyeshadow, just to give a little extra something if our resort has any clubs and we want to go out. Mac Cosmetics skin care (dragged)

One of the most important things to pack is skin care products!

I always bring a face cleanser ( Cetaphil ) and really good make up remover wipes (Neutrogena ). These wipes are amazing! They take off all my waterproof makeup, plus they smell so good! Wipes are always easy to travel with so you don’t have to worry about sizes if you pack light and only bring a carry-on.

Sun Protection is so important and for me, it’s a must. All day, every couple of hours when I’m in the sun.  These travel sunscreen wipes are pretty cool, I can bring them to the beach with me and re-apply throughout the day. ( La Fresh Travel ) I’m always prepared to have my pale skin burnt by day one, hah! So I always bring Aloe!

Here’s my Basic skin care for traveling hoped this helps any warm weather travelers this summer!


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