Kylie Lip Kit Haul

I fell right into the hype and waited for Kylie to post the next time she was re-stocking her very popular lip kits!



I was able to get three of them and one of her new colors!


One of the things I love is the packaging, everything is really cute.

Each package comes with a card and a little thank you note written on the back.


The Liquid Lipsticks and lip liner come in a box with the lips covered in that shade.




I definitely wanted to try one of the popular colors,  Candy K. It’s a really nice pink/nude color and I’m in love!

Its such a pretty everyday shade and I feel like it works with so many kinds of skin tones.

IMG_8544The second one I picked was Posie K, that shade is a darker pink!

This one I got a chance to really try and wear it the other night when I went out.

These are all Matte shades and they last a really long time, even during drinking.


The last color I got was Dead Of Knight! One of her newest shades.

Its a matte black and I can’t wait to try it. The only thing I don’t like is that you can’t see the name on the tube, they should have changed it to white!


IMG_8548I can’t wait to really try out these shades and see if I want to order more.

Each lipkit is $28.00 and I think it’s totally worth it!

Let me know your feelings on Kylie cosmetics!

Kylie Cosmetics

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