My Desk Essentials

  I recently reorganized my desk, which I do all the time because I’m never happy with it. Or maybe I just like rearranging things, hah. My set up is pretty simple. I like my desk to be pretty empty so I have room to do my DIYS, crafts and my planner. What’s On MyContinue reading “My Desk Essentials”

Cozy Reader Club: September Unboxing

Today I got my Cozy Reader Club box for September!  As I said in last month’s, post each box comes with a new fiction book, a tea coffee or coco, a handmade item and a food item. Since fall is my favorite season I was excited about this box. I love the little cards thatContinue reading “Cozy Reader Club: September Unboxing”

Cozy Reader Club Unboxing

As a huge reader I’ve always wanted to try one of those really cute monthly subscription boxes. I did my research and decided to try out The Cozy Reader Club for 3 months! The first one I got was the August box. Each box comes with a new women’s fiction hardcover book, tea/coffee or coco,Continue reading “Cozy Reader Club Unboxing”

‘The Girls’ by Emma Cline

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT! As I sat there, curled up with this novel, I felt as helpless as Evie being mesmerized by Suzanne. Starting this 355-page book, the only knowledge I had of this was that it was a fiction, rising in popularity, about a cult-type group taking place in the late 1960’s. When I firstContinue reading “‘The Girls’ by Emma Cline”