Stranger Things Chat

img_9274Stranger Things on Netflix chat, all about the kids !!*Spoilers*!! 

Like everyone else, I wanted to know why everyone was going crazy over this show called “Stranger Things” with these little kids running around town. I went into the season pretty blind, because I knew it was some kind of mystery show and I didn’t want any hints or spoilers.

If you’re reading this then I’m assuming you’ve watched the show and know that it takes place in the 80s where a little boy named Will disappears one night on his way home from his friend’s house.

His friends go out and try to find him and end up finding this little girl with a shaved head named 11. Right away I found myself in love with all the kids in the show, they’re so talented and even add some comedy to this sci-fi thriller.

img_9273Mike, Dustin, and Lucas are the nerdy kids at school who love Dungeons & Dragons, walkie talkies and science. So I knew from that moment I loved them. They were the underdogs at the start, but as time went on they really proved themselves and stuck together after all these crazy events.

Mike was the one who really took 11 into the group. You could definitely tell that he was the caring and sensitive one. He never gave up on Will or Elle.

Dustin was the funniest one. The number of times that little boy said “shit” it was unbelievable! The best part of it was that it seemed like the kids figured out where Will went before most of the adults even knew what was going on.

Lucas was more of the realistic one. He was always calling them out on the crazy bull and really didn’t trust 11.  He was always challenging the other boys. But, when it came down to it he always seemed to come back around.

11 aka Elle became one of my favorite characters. I loved how she was shy and really clueless when it comes to common sense and everyday life. As the shows goes on and you find out all the things she had to go through, you understand her life, being trapped in this government facility. She never had a childhood and was taken from her mother at a young age because of her abilities. Then, she was forced to live in an undercover lab where she was put through tests and only knew how to be a weapon. When they show her little bedroom with just one picture on the wall it was the saddest thing! Elle finally got the love she needed from her three knew friends, especially Mike, and it showed a different side of her. She was willing to kill people to protect them and even fight off the common bully at school.

But my main reason for this whole post is to talk about the freaking ending! All I have is questions! Why did the sheriff go into that car? Who’s side is he really on? I’m leaning more to the bad government side because, lets be honest, he really doesn’t have anything to lose. No family or friends, plus carrying around that scary shit you had to live through! Also, why did he really leave the Eggos? Was it a trap like she’s some kind of animal? Or is he taking care of her and hiding her from the mouth breathers?! Is 11 alive? If so, where? I think she is and she is stuck in the upside down and can’t open the portal anymore. But, in the other dimension Eggos apparently still taste good. Whats up with this Will kid? Spitting things out and seeing flashes of the upside down and not telling anyone! I think he’s going to be the way they save 11, it’s the least he can do she basically sacrificed herself for him.

And the most important question of all, is Barb coming back?! Because we just cant have season 2 with out the character who no one cares about haha! img_9276

Share your ending ideas with me!

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