Disney World Trip – Hollywood Studios Part 1

IMG_7991Last week was my long-awaited vacation to Disney World in Florida! I went to celebrate almost 20 years of friendship with my bff and I had an amazing time! Or I should say, a magical time!

IMG_7977We had an early flight at 7:15 am on Monday, May 9th. So, that means we had to be at the airport by 5:00am and I only got 4 hours of sleep. Because who can even sleep when you know in couple hours you’re gonna be in Florida chilling with Mickey?! IMG_7983After all the traveling nonsense we made it to our super cute Disney resort, All Star Music! They must have realized we were from New York, because they put us in the Broadway section which I loved! Music playing, broadway posters and even street signs. IMG_8052IMG_7987The amount of detail that Disney puts into things always amazes me. If you just keep your eyes open,  slow down a little and look around it can feel like you’re in a different world all together!IMG_7992Day 1= Hollywood Studios!

Look at those palm trees and movie signs! I couldn’t!! I wanted to run around like a kid again.IMG_8056IMG_8048I wanted to eat everything and buy it all! Treats were everywhere with Mickey ears and all.

IMG_8007This was really cute a Frozen singalong. At the end, they sang “Let It Go” and to our surprise, little tiny pieces of snow started falling! All the little princesses were so excited! Singing their little hearts out and I was right there with them. There is no age at Disney World, we’re all there to be little again.


Theres a big section just for Toy Story, which included some 3D glasses and a fun shooting game ride!

IMG_8031Stars Wars anyone? They marched around trying to find new people for their army. IMG_8035IMG_8044IMG_8046IMG_8040


Hollywood is definitely a must go! Especially if you love the classic movies of Disney. Plus, there are so many mini shows that you can go to, it feels like you’re watching these shows on Broadway! The Little Mermaid show was one of the best, because Ariel was singing live and she was perfection. IMG_8051IMG_8055



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