Meeting Colleen Hoover

This year I got to meet one of my favorite authors, Colleen Hoover! I’ve read every book she has written and have always been a huge fan of her beautiful stories. So, when I found out she was going on tour for her upcoming book (November 9) I knew I had to meet her and get my books signed.IMG_6895

November 9 came out on November 10th. Yeah I know. Why couldn’t they push it back one day? After buying the book I only had a couple days until the signing in White Plains, NY so I knew I had to finish it before then or it would kill me. Once I got the book I started right away. Colleen’s writing is so addicting sometimes that its easy for me to be reading, then look at the clock and realize that its been 3 hours and I haven’t moved and I’m in way to deep to stop now. So, basically I finished the whole book in a day and I loved every page!

IMG_6888On the day of  the signing I dragged my boyfriend to White Plains early in the morning to go to Barnes and Noble and get our wrist bands, to make sure we were getting in and definitely getting something signed. Hours later we finally got to go inside and sit. We were the first ones in and got to sit right in the front row! I was really excited, its weird seeing your favorite author in person, because you love the stories and the characters in the books, but each person there has a different connection to each book and each person can take the meaning behind a book differently.

I was one of the first ones to get my November 9 copy signed, along with some of my other favorites! Colleen was sweet and funny, she took pictures with everyone and signed every book.

I can’t wait to meet other authors in the future and add to my collection of signed books.



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