Welcoming Spring At Bear Mountain

This Monday Chris and I went to Bear Mountain! We both had off work and it was so nice out! We just wanted to get outside and do a little bit of hiking. When we got there it was so busy! Filled with kids running around, having lunch and playing.

During the week Bear Mountain is free! Which is great because I think the weekends it’s $10 to park.

It was the perfect day, the weather was beautiful and really sunny, greats for taking photos.

I brought my Nikon D3300 with us and we both snapped away the whole time. We walked the path, got a couple of drinks and then went to the little free zoo they have there.


Most of the animals were either eating or sleeping and no in between. I’m not surprised if I was them I would be lazy too haha.




The bears were sleeping the whole time in the shade! They were named Pal and Saidie a.k.a Palisades! Haha I laughed probably too much at that pun, so good job Bear Mountain haha.


Lastly, we hiked down to the water and on our way we found this huge deer head statue hanging off the side of a rock. So being the rebels that we are we climbed up on it and took some selfies. But don’t let this cool picture fool you, I thought I was going to fall to my death. Apparently I’m afraid of heights, hah!


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