My New Camera!


I made the leap and bought a fancy camera for myself!

I got this bundle off of Groupon for the Nikon D3300 and it came with such amazing stuff! I’m a beginner with all this stuff, so I was happy to see that  this bundle came with some basics to help me learn on my own.

It was hard for me to decide which camera to even get and start out with. I spent hours online watching videos, reading blogs and asking all my friends their opinion.

When I made my choice it mostly came down to the set up. I loved how Nikon’s main menu was organized and I felt that it was a little bit easier to understand. DSC_0004

I started messing with the color filters right away. Look how cute my little Mickey Mouse cactus looks, hah!


Then I moved on to my boyfriend’s dogs. I’m still getting the hang of focusing and lighting but I think I’m picking it up pretty fast. Plus pets hate staying still long enough for me to really get it!

I’m so in love with these pictures it makes me never want to use my phone again! Maybe just for selfies, but we’ll see about that.DSC_0040DSC_0041

I think so far my favorite thing to shoot (look at the photographer lingo haha) has to be flowers.

There are so many angles and colors and ways to take pictures of flowers, I never get bored.

But I did buy this camera mostly for traveling, because I want those pictures to be perfect and hold the memories of the trip.

I think this camera will be perfect for that, because it’s lightweight and I don’t mind carrying it around.


But this is still really new to me and I’ve been googling tips so if you have any let a girl know!

I’ll keep learning and sharing my progress as time goes on! ❤


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  1. Great shots! Thanks.


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