The Pressure to be “Beautiful”

Hello, Blog World!

It is currently 10:20 pm and I thought that it would be a great idea to start blogging instead of laying in my comfy bed (which is calling my name) but I had to write out what I was thinking, before I wake up tomorrow and forget everything, which always seems to happen to me. Ha!

So, I’m a huge fan of social media which everyone is this day in age. Let’s be real, my phone is on me for most of the day. If something awkward happens I’m on it, if I’m bored I’m on it, if the baby I’m nannying is sleeping I’m on it. So you can understand why social media has a huge impact on my life and almost everyone’s right now.

Recently one thing I’ve noticed is that the new craze is being healthy, beautiful and having an “on point body”. Every social media app I go on, if it’s Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest IMG_5722or Tumblr I see beautiful girls who are basically models and get paid to wear clothing and post a picture and  get those likes. I see young females dying over them, in the comment section saying “#goals.”  There’s so much pressure everyday for us to be “healthy” and to look just like those girls. But all because these models write that they eat “clean” or do this diet can we really trust that they are? And who are they to tell everyone that this is what healthy looks like.

I always catch myself falling for these things too. I’ll look at pictures and pictures of work out plans, healthy lifestyles and 10 pins later to my fitness board, I feel horrible about the way I look, what I eat and wonder how I’m ever going to be able to stick to something so strict day-to-day. Because apparently having a cupcake once and while will kill you.

The truth is not everyone has the same body or the same structure. Most of these models are photoshopped so much they wouldn’t even recognize themselves if they saw it. To help myself from not going crazy and being so hard on myself I try to just appreciate the way my body is and the way I look because there’s only one person like you and you should love it no matter what all these models say.

Its hard enough for people to get through their 9 to 5 jobs, families and other things making us stressed out and upset. We don’t need apps to do the same thing. They were made to share our lives and happiness. I think it’s time we all stop being shallow, and just live.


3 responses to “The Pressure to be “Beautiful””

  1. Great post. I think some people get caught up in it all and become obsessed. When I was younger and all of these slim, trimmed bodies started to come out, I thought everyone could achieve the same body if you just workout. Bless. I was clueless! xx

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    1. Thank you!! Im glad you liked my post! =]


  2. First, congrats! Second, your post shows a mature understanding of life. If you let the pressure to be perfect consume you, when you get older things will be impossible. For some reason, women feel pressured to look as young as they can; they have surgeries that take years away, but also give them someone else’s face. Men don’t face those pressures. They are allowed to age gracefully. I am proud of my age and wear my flaws as badges of courage and survival. Beauty comes from within and I agree that the first step is appreciating who you are and not comparing yourself to unrealistic magazine images that—to your point–are airbrushed and fake.

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