Becoming a Nanny

  • Three years ago I was looking for a stable job while also being a make up artist on the side. I was randomly offered a full-time nanny job for two little kids, one was a girl who was four months old and the other a boy who was three. I accepted because I need the money and needed to do something since make up was slow. When I was in high school I would babysit sometimes, but never something like this. I started my first week with just the little baby girl and was scared to death. I thought I was going to drop her or hurt her and had no idea what to even do with a human this little. For the first week it was rough, she cried all the time, just didn’t want a bottle from me and basically hated me and wanted her mom. What I didn’t know at the time was that babies have to get used to people and to someone else taking care of them that isn’t their mom. So, I kept at it and tried my best with the little experience I had.IMG_3077

The second week started and now I was with both little ones, a baby and a 3-year-old. Once I started getting the hang of holding a baby and entertaining a little boy at the same time things became little easier on me. I would go to work bright and early at 9:00am and work till 6:30pm everyday. When you spend five days a week like that the kids adjust and start to understand that you’re there to take care of them and have some fun too. I would do everything with them from eating three meals, playtime and bath time. Each day was different and some days were overwhelming, but I started to enjoy it and look forward to seeing the kids learn new things, and also become more independent. The hugs and giggles were a plus too.

I watched those two kids for two years before they moved. Which left me having to look for a new family. It changed my outlook on my career and one day having kids of my own.

 I’ve learned that becoming a nanny is a learning process. Kids are unpredictable, they can love you one day and rebel the next.  But at the end of the day, you’re there to take care of them, show them love and help them learn. The most rewarding feeling is knowing you had a part in all that.



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